Have you heard of sandulla?
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I'm trying to find the recipe for something called sandulla (spelling is probably wrong, san pronounced as in bonbon and dulla as in hoola).

I had this when I was a kid at a friends house. It was like a ravioli stuffed with I think beef that had been slow-cooked for a long time. The meat was either shredded or ground and mixed with maybe chives and parsley. The sandulla was then simmered for a long time in the original meat broth. It might be a Polish meal, though the grandmother who cooked them was French/English. This could possibly be Irish or Scot. They called the meal "Sandulla Sunday" so it might be a special holiday meal or for religious observance. The recipe is a closely-guarded secret. I've offered to pay hundreds of dollars to the granddaughters and my offer has been refused. I've search the web and got nothing. Over the years, I've asked countless people if they know this dish and have never found one person who has.
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Well, if it's French, then it's like that the san part was really the word sans, meaning without. So the dish was really named "Without X." Unfortunately my French is rather bad after years of neglect and I can't remember any French words that rhyme with dulla.
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That is very close, if not it. Looks exactly how I remember it with the exception that the broth looks like chicken broth in the image you linked to, whereas I remember the broth to be dark like a traditional beef broth. The ingredients seem right (my mouth is watering). I'd say we have a winner! I had a suspicion that sandula wasn't the right name for it. Possibly a made-up name by the kids. And also, I've learned that the grandmother grew up in a local neighborhood called "dutch town" which was primarily German immigrants.

Thanks, chelseagirl!
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