Ah me mah what the hell does that even mean
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Help me figure out this Japanese music video! I can't remember any of the lyrics (or speak Japanese), except that part of the refrain goes "ah me mah" or something like that. Most of the video features this schoolgirl who can dance really well. The song uses sirens. I wouldn't use Ask Metafilter for such frivolous questions usually, but there's a dollar (1!!!) bet riding on whether this video actually exists.
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my guess = Polysics - I My Me Mine
video: http://youtube.com/watch?v=_9wSMuCJCkQ
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^ that would be correct. Beaten by a minute!
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Oh, and not sure if it affects your bet at all, but there's also another version of the video with a few other people dancing too:
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One dollar closer to dance lessons.
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Ha, that's awesome.
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If you like the song, you should really check out the album it comes from (Now Is The Time!!!). Hell, get any of their albums. Polysics are one of the most amazing bands in the world right now, and each subsequent thing they do consistently tops the last thing.
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