How to find local people with similar interests on MySpace?
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I'm probably not using it for its intended purpose, but is there any way to actually search for LOCAL people, with similar interests, on MySpace?

Their "search by interests" feature is a good start, but unfortunately if I put something in there like "nude basket weaving" it'll give me a list of people all around the world...I don't have the option to limit the search to people I'll actually have a chance to meet in this lifetime.

Conversely, I can do a people search for local people, but I can't filter them by interests.

I tried using Google to search for "watching CSPAN drunk AND atlanta" but searches like that typically turn up job postings and the like.

Is there something else I can do to find local people with similar interests, or am I missing the point of this whole MySpace thing?

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myspace is the wrong place to do that, there are other sites that would do this for you
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