Cat door that reads 10 digit RFID microchips?
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Is there a cat flap and/or cat door that works with 10 digit microchips? There is one available in Europe that only reads 15 digit microchips--most microchips in the U.S. are only 10 digits. Are we yankees to go without our RFID cat flaps?

FYI, I had no idea microchip reading cat flaps existed until I saw that MeFi was spammed by an unscrupulous cat flap monger. It's the only useful spam I've ever read!
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Maybe you're overthinking the problem... what about a magnetic collar pet door? Unless this is a specific problem. Found it through a Halfbakery post about RFID pet doors. Funny that it was in 2003 and it's never really been developed... damn lazy entrepreneurs.
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Ooops... let me try again. Magnetic collar pet door.
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Instead of hacking a door product, why not use a regular (Euro-style) door and hack your cat by adding a second microtag to poor little Fluffikins? You can get one online for a few dollars, and your vet'll "install" it for you. Presto, now your cat is world-ready.
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Response by poster: I thought about the magnetic pet doors, but I don't want to worry about kitty losing her collar and being stranded outside.

I also thought about getting a 15 digit microchip to Fluffikins, but didn't know how to go about getting one. Thanks for the tip!
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