Why am I having problems with a USB 2.0 card reader and my Win 2000 laptop?
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A USB 2.0 card reader is causing my Windows 2000 laptop to completely hang up. [mi]

I have a decrepit Dell Latitude laptop with a PCMCIA USB 2.0/Firewire adapter. I recently bought a Canon Digital Rebel and I wanted to transfer the RAW files over through a USB 2.0 card reader instead of waiting ~1 hour for the pictures to transfer through USB 1.1. So I went down to the local computer store and picked up a cheap USB 2.0 card reader. The reader wouldn't work at all on USB 2.0, but it would work on the USB 1.1 port. So I went back to the store and exchanged it for a slightly better card reader. This card reader also works perfectly fine at USB 1.1, but it only connects successfully on the USB 2.0 half of the time, and even more it completely hangs up after about a minute of copying files and I have to completely reboot.

So I'm figuring the problem is something with the way Windows is handling USB 2.0. I have Service Pack 4 installed. Moreover, I have both an iPod and an external hard drive which hook up through Firewire and USB 2.0 respectively and so far have been working perfectly fine with Windows.

What can I do (other than buy a new computer)?
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I had a PCMCIA USB2 card on my last laptop, and never ever got it to work reliably.

Firstly, when it crashed - I found that if I just ejected the card, the machine went back to normal, although I had to reboot before I could use the USB2 card again.

Secondly, there's a page on the world wide interweb with a download patch that's supposed to help with this problem. I can't find it right now... but it helped with my problem a bit.
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