MS Outlook help, please.
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MS Outlook 2003: a couple quick question about customizing the default settings in Outlook.

To begin with, I feel like a moron for not being able to figure this out. That being said, I just started a new job and am trying to customized Outlook so that the default settings are like I had them on my old PC.

In my previous job we were using Outlook 2007, I believe. I am now using Outlook 2003.

How do I enable the calendar/tasks panel while I'm looking at my inbox? When I click on the 'Mail' tab I would like the view to be as follows:

Panel 1: folders
Panel 2: 'Inbox'
Panel 3: Quickview
Panel 4: Calendar/Tasks

I haven't been able to enable the 4th panel.

Also, how do I set the calendar to pull the 5 day work week as a default? Right now the default is the current day. I can change the view to 5 day but it always reverts back to single day view.

I can't imagine that these 2 options are exclusive to Outlook 2007.

Any help will be much appreciated.

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The 4th panel, the Todo Bar, is only in Outlook 2007:

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