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I need help finding some good content! I am putting together a course on Sociology of Religion using Powerpoint (in the David Byrne stlye), and I am at an almost total loss on finding short video clips, sound bytes, cartoons etc. to add to the classes.

What I am looking for is along the lines of the way that The Simpsons skews religion all the time (ie funny, not trying to sell you anything), though I am open to anything thought provoking.
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The picture quality is pretty low (being real video and all), but Mind Control Made Easy, a short movie about "how to run a cult," sounds right up your alley...
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Response by poster: Exactly, stuff like that! Thanks!
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Try a P2P search for "ARISE: The SubGenius Movie"

It's basically 2 hours of what you're talking about, and absolutely replete with humorous clips from a wide variety of sources.
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Also, The Door does what you want but from a slightly more serious standpoint....that is, they are Christians and attack hypocracy whenever they see it, albeit in a humourous way.
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There's probably some 9/11 footage doing the rounds somewhere
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I don't know where you would find the video clip online, but the following Simpson's quote is worth adding in even as just text...

Lisa: The moundbuilders worshipped turtles, as well as badgers, snakes, and other animals.

Bart: Thank God we've come to our senses and worship a carpenter who lived 2000 years ago.

-The Simpsons
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Best answer: If you don't mind the lower quality, there's a wealth of old movies at The Internet Archive, especially the Prelinger archives. Mostly goofy 50s instructional videos, I've used several as supplemental footage for projects, and it's always fun to re-voice them a la What's Up Tiger Lily?.
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There's also A Thief in the Night, which was the first Christian-made "after the rapture" movie, which is now an enormous cottage industry.
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