How do I port my number to Cricket from Vonage.
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Cricket says it isn't possible to port my phone number from Vonage but there has to be a way, right? What's the cheapest way to accomplish this? I'm assuming I'd need to port it somewhere else first. Or not?
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This forum thread seems to suggest that it's at least possible.

Generally, number porting is initiated by the company you want to transfer the number to. So if you wanted to move from Vonage to LittleCo, you'd call up LittleCo and give them your Vonage number, and they'd manage the transfer. Typically you need to give them a copy of your phone bill or somehow otherwise verify that you're the "owner" of the number.

It sounds like once you move the number, you'll still need to call up Vonage and cancel.
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Can't prove it, but I remember reading somewhere where numbers that originated from Vonage (weren't ported in) couldn't be ported out.
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Voip providers were not required by law to honor a porting request until recently. It sounds like they are now.
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My number didn't originate with Vonage. I got it from Qwest, but then transferred it to AT&T, then years later back to Quest, then to Vonage 18 months ago.

....hmmm. Apparently, my number gets around.
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