Lubricant sheets?
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My new crosscutting paper shredder manual suggests using shredder lubricant sheets twice a month, or every 30 minutes of active shredding. Naturally, they also sell these lubricant sheets.

How necessary is this, really? (approx. $1 per sheet?)
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In my experience, the paper that you're shredding really does start to stick to the blades. And in my (unscientific) observations, things did start to go more smoothly after using one of those sheets.

At my house though, we just do it when the thing starts to act gunky.
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It makes a difference. I had a shredder that wouldn't work at all - after lubrication, it was fne again. You can buy a bottle of the oil, instead of the sheets - much cheaper, but not qute as tidy. I would use one or the other.
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Lubricant sheets are an awesome invention. Yes, you could oil it yourself; yes, that is a pain in the ass.
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Does anyone know what kind of oil they use? It seems like it ought to be possible to spray or otherwise coat/soak/impregnate a sheet of paper with oil yourself and just run it through.

You can buy a can of Teflon-bearing spray (trade name "Tri-Flow") for a few bucks from many good hardware and most gun stores; that seems like it would do the trick if you sprayed it lightlyon some cotton bond paper and ran it through. I'm almost tempted to try it, actually.
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What happens if you run a couple sheets of wax paper through it?
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It seems you can pretty easily find them online in the vicinity of 3/$1 at which point it doesn't seem like such a big deal - I'd try to estimate my shredding too, for regular home use I'm pretty certain I don't do anything like an hour a month of continuous shredding.
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Does anyone know what kind of oil they use? It seems like it ought to be possible to spray or otherwise coat/soak/impregnate a sheet of paper with oil yourself and just run it through.

It's light machine oil, like you would use on a sewing machine. I just buy the biggest bottle of oil and oil a sheet at a time.
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Fellowes Shredder oil is vegetable oil. The Staples branded bottle I bought said mineral oil on it. I've used regular baby oil, and it works fine, though it smells a little flowery. You don't need the sheets - just dip the nozzle into the paper well and squirt a line or two through it, then run the blades forwards and backwards a few times. It's really not messy at all, as long as you don't get carried away.
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We use the shredder oil at work. All I do is make pretty patterns on a few sheets of paper, and run them through the machine one by one. It does seem to make a difference. I've never used the lubricant sheets, but I can't imagine they'd perform differently than my home-made lubricant sheets.
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lubricant sheets are ridiculously expensive for what is essentially paper impregnated with light machine oil. gwenzel's technique is what I use.
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Thanks, light machine oil on paper, both of which I already have, it is!
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Running a piece of paper sprayed with WD-40 through it evert month or so seems to work for us. Our shredder isn't heavily used, though.
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My Fellowes shredder recommended vegetable oil in the manual. Every time I clean out the basket I run a page zigzagged with whatever oil is close at hand in my kitchen. Has worked great for years. No rust, no sticking, no weird odors.
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I just give it a spray of WD-40 then run some paper through straight afterwards every time I empty the shredder (a couple of times a month)
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