Battle of Chicago tickets
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I suddenly find I am going to be in the Windy City next weekend and would love to score tix to the Friday afternoon Cubs/White Sox game at US Cell. What's the best reliable way to get tix? In the past I have had no problem getting tix from scalpers out front of Wrigley. Is it the same at US Cell? Otherwise, any suggestions? Ticketmaster is useless and I hate them.
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Forget it Dzot

People were in line for 12 hours this morning to get standing room tix at Wrigley. Anything you buy on the streets will likely be a forgery. Brokers might have a few, but bring your car title.

If you know anyone at a huge corporation that might have some sway and a few, thats about your only chnce.

hell...I'm five miles away and I'm sitting here waiting for the Lead Off Man on TV to see if there is going to be a rain delay

Go Cubs!
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Hooray for
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I was curious, so:

Looks like there are plenty of seats (and this is just for Friday)

Wish I could go. Sweet Lou & The Cubs are awesome.
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It will be difficult to get those tickets to see the Sox wallop the Cubs. You might try a broker. There won't be any available from scalpers.

Be careful what you wear--this is a real rivalry. My cousin is, like me, a huge Sox fan. His stepdad once grabbed a Cubs jersey out of my cousin's closet, and failed to notice that my cousin had applied the word "sucks" to the front of the jersey. Got in a bit of a scrape at ol' Wrigley.
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Stubhub is how I got tickets to every (Red) Sox game I've ever gone to, until Boston encouraged the switch over to Ace Tickets. Unless you're lucky enough to have season tickets, make it to the ticket office early in the sales period, or know-a-guy, I'd wager this is how most people get their seats.
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Stubhub is a MLB partner and has worked well anytime I used it.

May the White Sox of Chicago ensure that the Cubs of Chicago suffer great hardships.
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There are scores of scalpers hawking from the El stop to the Cell.
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The other problem with scalpers by my beloved SoxPark (please stop using the corporate name, you all should know better) is that there is always a ton of cops and undercovers assigned to scalp duty during these Crosstown Classic games. Best go to stubhub, the whitesox website "premium seat auctions" (just season ticket holders looking to unload), or try to get lucky on Craigslist. It has happened.

And buy me one while you're at it! Cubs suck!
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