How do I straighten a length of plastic tubing?
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I'm building an automatic misting system for my tortoise's tank. The plastic tubing I bought to transport the water is too difficult to work with since it's sold all coiled up. How can I straighten out a 20-foot length of it?

It's 1/4" (outer diameter) landscaping-type plastic tubing, if that matters.
I've heard of inserting a dowel inside the tubing then heating it in the oven, but that limits the length of tubing I can cut and I'd prefer not to have to tape together a bunch of segments. I can't hang it from something and attach a weight to the bottom either, since my ceilings are only eight feet high. Metal tubing is not really a good option here, since I'd like to thread the tubing around decorations/obstacles in his tank and possibly re-use the tubing if and when I buy a bigger tank for him.

Any thoughts?

thanks in advance!
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If you have a yard you could stretch it out in the sun for a day or two. No yard? Roof access in building?
What about a heat gun used on shrink tubing? Attach tube to door knob and heat with heat gun as you walk down the length of the tube. You could try with a hair dryer, but I don't think you will get sufficient heat from it.
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Response by poster: fantastic, thanks - I'll pick up a heat gun and give it a shot.
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You can also just fill it with hot water (not boiling, but close) and stretch it out. Save you the trip and the $$ for the gun....
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Seconding nevercalm. Soak it in a tub of hot water.
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Thirding hot water, but please use tongs. Also, a blow dryer will get plenty hot, I think.
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Fourthing hot water, but depending on the weather in your area, sitting it out in the sun on a hot day for an hour or two might even be enough -- works even better if you can find a patch of asphalt or other dark surface.
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duh, on re-reading more carefully -- what a3matrix said.
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