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How to create iPhone demonstration videos (and what software works best)?

I'm interested in creating some short interface demonstrations for how my work (higher education IT) could utilize the iPhone and develop for it. I'm a former graphic design and studio art grad but I've never attempted anything like this. Can anyone recommend specific programs? I have Flash CS3 if that is doable. Probably don't have a budget for more expensive timeline type stuff like Premier, but I'm interested.

Also is there a place to download the interface elements that are used in order to create the mockup? Any guides or resources that talk about putting it all together?
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Best answer: If you have a Mac, iPhone SDK comes with a fully functional iPhone Simulator (called Aspen Simulator). With any screencasting software like Boinx or Jing, it should be fairly easy to do.
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Response by poster: I've been playing around with the SDK all day thanks to your comment! I'm not much of a programmer but the drag and drop parts work quite well. Looks like I might need to start learning a bit more about the development aspect of it to get a working demo going but this is a great start. Thanks!
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