Outlook 2000 Error No. 0x800ccc0e -- No Profiles Fetching or Sending Mail
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Outlook 2000 (WinXP) problem: Suddenly, none of my mail profiles will fetch or send mail. (mi)

None of the profiles has changed in any way. The servers still work as I can send mail to the servers, and pick the mail up, from other mail clients. The error I get is 0x800ccc0e ("unable to connect to the server"). Googling is unhelpful, as the seem to all assume the problem is the server is down. Mine isn't.
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Have any Norton products on your computer?
posted by jerseygirl at 7:32 PM on August 16, 2004

fetching/sending email is a dangerous network activity which subjects you to virus and malware attacks. MS has wisely disabled this sort of dubious network fraternization in it's recent security updates, which were automatically downloaded and installed in the background by XP.
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Response by poster: I installed Norton SystemWorks around the same time as the XP patch automatically dl'd itself, which is around the same time this trouble started. So jerseygirl, Q -- yes, and yes. Do I have to uninstall these? Is there another way to tweak either to eliminate the problem?
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It's weird, because I had the exact same problem last week. I've had Norton SystemWorks on the machine for a while... and then the patch downloaded and all hell broke loose.

I disabled Norton, and that seemed to work. Although, I didn't like that as a final solution. I just started using a new Norton friendly mail program over the weekend, so now everything can live happily together.

I'd almost guess another patch would come out at some point that fix the issue, but until then...
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Response by poster: I uninstalled Norton SW, and outlook worked once again. Reinstalled it*. Everything continues to work. [shrug] Thanks for the pointer.

*actually didn't reinstall the whole thing, as before -- just antivirus, goback, utilities, and ghost. who knows.
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