Could my Great-Grandfather Have Used this Saw?
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Is there a way to determine the date range that this saw might have been made?

I got this saw at a thrift store in South Eastern Kansas. I was wondering if anyone has any idea about the earliest and latest it might have been made. Just a general sense, like what decade a saw like this might have first been produced, and at what point a saw like this might no longer be manufactured.

Here are three pictures.
Side One
Side Two

Alternatively, does anyone know a better site I could use to date a piece of equipment like this? Thanks!
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You can try a book called Hand-Saw Makers of North America by Erwin L. Schaffer if you can find it. Details on the book:
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Well, it's a hacksaw, and those have been around since the 1800s (at least in Europe & North America). I'm not sure when the pistol-grip became a common feature, though.

Maybe someone at the OldTools Mailing List can help you - another possible source of good info might be Rose Antique Tools.
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It's probably not all that old. The screws appear to be slotted/phillips combo heads which puts them no earlier than 1936 and more likely post war. Can you post a close up of the other side of the handle? The nuts may give another clue.
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If your Great-Grandfather was a butcher he might have used one very much like it. It looks much more like a butchers saw, used for cutting bones, than a hacksaw. There are currently a couple of butchers saws listed on eBay and a GIS located images of a couple of them. Based on handle and fastenings my guess is early 1900's. I can't see the combo phillips/slot heads Mitheral mentions but if that's what they are he's right about the time period.
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