Warden threw a party in the county jail!
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Any idea where to find a black-and-white horizontally-striped t-shirts reminiscent of old style prison outfits--like what Elvis had in Jailhouse Rock? I've found whole costumes (jumpers, etc.) but I just need t-shirts.
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PX Direct. Possibly NSFW website, by the way.
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J Peterman has a Vallauris shirt and a Russian Navy shirt, each with horizontal stripes, but these stripes may be skinnier than you seek.
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The French have a traditional shirt they often wear at the beach called a sailor shirt or Breton (Brittany) shirt. You can find these for sale on the web.
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I'm obsessed with these, and own several:


Again, it's the French look, but may just do the Elvis thing for you. I love them.
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I love these too, and my on-again / off-again source is the Super-T from Lands End. Unfortunately, for many years only the solid colors have been available there. In addition to the French, another searching cliché might be the gondola pilots of Venice, Italy (but sometimes their striped shirts are rugby-style).
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Angola inmate shirt

which I found searching "striped T shirt" on using a Google image search. If this not to your liking, an image search might find what you seek.
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I'm surprised Hot Topic doesn't have one - it's such an emo staple!

I found one at American Apparel, if you don't mind the white collar.
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