Any wannabe Scarletts out there?
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Need an antebellum costume post haste!

I'm asking for a friend. She needs a southern belle costume by Saturday. We're in Manhattan. I've been looking on-line at rentals, and everything just looks kind of tacky. Something of a little bit better quality would do the trick. I know about Abracadabra - is there any place else? Or, if there's anyone who happens to own a costume like this, I'm sure she'd be willing to pay you for the use of it. She's about a size 4/6.

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Response by poster: Thanks Greg Nog. Turns out her friends have changed the theme again (they're walking in the Mermaid Day parade). It was "The Lost City of Atlanta", and they were all going to dress up as southern belles and wear paper maiche fish heads. Now it's mermaid cats, or something like that.
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