Is there a technical name for that nails-on-a-chalkboard feeling?
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Nails on a chalkboard. Tearing paper. Fork tines on ceramic. Touching lycra, silk, wool.. Certain things will cause that teeth-gritting, hair-on-the-back-of-your-neck rising, Dear-God-Make-It-Stop response. What is the name for that?

I've heard it referred to as an "aversion" in a broader sense by a friend in psychology, but he didn't know if there is a more specific term for things that invoke that response in people. What say you MeFi?
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A peeve.
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Cringe-inducing? Antipathy? Recoil?
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Gride (via)
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I've always thought of it as "the willies".
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I know a girl who referred to the touching fabric one (which I really don't get? pls explain?) as "It squicks me out."
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Neoprene does this for me in the same way nails on a chalkboard and rubbery latex (the stuff ipod/phone cases are made of) does it. 'Squicks' is a good description - literally, I feel revulsion and the hairs on my arms stand up. I often get goose-bumps...
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How about "setting your teeth on edge"?
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I'm partial to "the fantods"
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Grates...? I like squicks. Those things definitely squick.
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I call it the heebie jeebies. Chalkboards do it. Some sounds and fabrics do too. Strangely enough, there are certain textures on vegetables and plants that get me too - especially anything with hairs/spines on the stalks. Mostly it's just touching them but I've been visually freaked by just looking at some carnivorous plants.
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I'm partial to "squick" myself, but cerebus19 came closest to what I was looking for. Thanks guys!
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Don't know from those tactile fabric sensations, but I've heard the reason for the reaction to the blackboard sound (or that of styrofoam) is it matches a resonant frequency for some human skulls.
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I think Ellen DeGeneres in her stand up days referred to this as the "huhs." Specifically it's something that is so offputting that all you want to do is sit in a corner and repeat, "Huh, huh...". Should sound like low guttural moan, *not* an military-type HUAH.
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"Squick" might appeal as a portmanteau of "squeak" and "ick." "Gride" doesn't suggest anything to me.
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late arrival, but NYT just asked+answered almost the same question here.
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