How do I learn to sneeze softly?
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How do I learn to sneeze softly?
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I think the way a person sneezes is genetically programmed. I have my dad's LOUD sneeze. My mother refuses to believe that the yell that we both do during a sneeze is involuntary, yet it is. I have learned, however, that I can keep myself from yelling during a sneeze by clenching my teeth together. My sneeze is still not a soft, discreet sneeze, but it's considerably lessened in volume.
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I am a loud sneezer. ("Loud" as in the guys who live in the apartment above me once shouted "holy crap, was that a sneeze!?" when I was in my living room while they were having a party.) After years of trying unsuccessfully to quiet my sneezes or re-learn the art of the sneeze, I've resigned myself to accepting that some people just sneeze louder than others. Handkerchiefs help to muffle the sound, but I've yet to find a method for self-softening.
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I don't think you can unless you try to suppress it on it's way out, but that seems like a bad idea when you consider a sneeze is released at about 150 kilometers per hour. You could burst blood vessels or something!

My grandpa's sneeze always came out like he was yelling "fuck off!", it was utterly hilarious in the wrong company, and the right company too, heh.
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...And in my case, it's definitely genetic. Mom is a crazy-loud sneezer.
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I think some people just sneeze louder than others, but I managed to change my sneeze noise from a yell-y "ha-tchoo" to an arguably more dainty "ha-tzzz" by making different shapes with my mouth at the end.

I figure at least it's different...
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This needs really good timing....cough (but not deeply) at the same time you sneeze, and that should soften it. It works for me.
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I'm usually a loud sneezer. On occasions when i feel a sneeze coming, I close my mouth and consciously try not to inhale from my nose. Sometimes I use my hand to cover my nostrils so i cant inhale. My sneezes tend to be softer since there's less air forced out of my lungs. Using your hand to cover your nostrils has the added benefit of covering your mouth when you sneeze to be polite.
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I concur with the above; I'm a loud sneezer (I nearly fall down) and I've tried to minimize things. Without much luck, although I did burst an eardrum once. So, y'know, there's that.
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My mom sneezes amazingly loudly--it invariably startles anyone within 30 feet of her. You could prevent the sneeze in the first place. Remember those old cartoons and Three Stooges when someone would put a finger under another's nose? Guess what? That works. When you feel a sneeze coming on, take your index finger and put pressure above your lip, where the bottom of your nose meets your face. I don't know why, but it certainly works.
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I stopped being a loud, wet sneezer. It's all about modulating the voice and breath out, I think. I just dont' shoot spitty air out of my mouth anymore, I breathe a short, dry staccato puff out my mouth. I can also totally stifle them down to itty bitty silent hep-ttts. It's really hard to describe... sometimes it doesn't work, if I'm really sick or it's a fast, surprising sneeze. I refuse to believe lous sneezers can't help it. Animals aren't loud sneezers. The vocal cords are NOT required in that process.
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I swallow my sneezes. It scares my husband a little - he says one day I will explode. It's definitely learned behavior. I have no idea why I decided to do this, but I do remember I used to sneeze out, instead of swallow them back. It's kind of like pressing down with your nose and jaw, and compressing the sneeze, as you do it. Clenching your butt and pelvis (Kegel) muscles helps with the compression.
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Melinika, my med-student-sister someday told me that doing that causes high pressure in what I term "your insides", possibly endangering your eardrum. Google answer.
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Releasing more of the air through my mouth than through my nose helped make my sneezes quieter.
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I used to do the cutesy, dainty literally-saying-the-word-"achoo!" sneeze when I was around other people until my coworkers started making fun of me for it and told me I should just go full force, "baby." I then discovered my inner ear-splitting yell sneeze and let me tell you, my life (and nostrils) have never been better. Don't be afraid of your sneeze power. Embrace that shit. Make love to it. Rrrrrrrrrrowwwr.

ps. It really does feel liberating, I'm not being facetious, don't hold those suckers in because it hurts and it's probably not good for you as others have noted. Besides, whenever I do the dainty sneeze I just keep sneezing and sneezing until whatever needs to come out comes out.
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I try to expel all the air I can before I sneeze, and sometimes I manage to reduce my sneezes to a simple "tch!"
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Don't use your vocal chords while sneezing. Makes a huge difference.
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I've noticed that after a hard session of upper abdomen excercises (crunches, etc), when the abs are really STIFF (from a few hours to the next day or so...), I'm unable to sneeze loudly. It's almost like the body's trying to save your abs from exploding! But it feels like an incomplete sneeze and bothers the hell out of me until I can sneeze properly again. YMMV though...
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Be more sanitary and more muffled by sneezing into your sleeve.
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papafrita, I neither pinch my nose nor clamp my mouth shut, as indicated to be "dangerous" in your link. I just sort of clamp down on it as it happens - it feels swallowed back. It still comes out and my mouth is open - the pressure of the sneeze is released.
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I agree with zardoz, I enjoy a good enthusiastic yell of a scream but sometimes (church, etc) you gotta stifle it. The index finger laid under the nose (like a fake moustache) works for me too.
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Um, sneeze :)
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I have a very loud sneeze, usually, but at the moment I am recovering from major abdominal surgery with an 8-inch incision healing across my middle. I now sneeze quite demurely (and painfully). I think this has something to do with what cyanide describes.
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Like clearlydemon, I exhale all my air when I sense the sneeze is imminent. On the down side, it can look like you're having a brief unexplained seizure. If I manage to exhale, I usually attempt to actually hold the sneeze in, but I refuse to be help liable if you blow one of your eyes out of your head trying it too.
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I think I sneeze like papafrita described... I keep my mouth shut and I clench my jaw/teeth, and my sneezes are often silent. (I've also been told it's not good for my insides... but I guess I don't want to break the habit just yet heh.) I used to be a really loud sneezer when I was a kid; at one point my classmates knew me because of my sneezes (if you get what I mean..). So this was a learned mechanism. It helps to start out by sort of cupping/pressing your hands over your face such that your fingers (particularly forefingers) are pressing against the sides of your nose, while your thumbs lie underneath your jaw (to support it and prevent your mouth from opening) - this way, it's easier to contain the sneeze. After awhile (muscle memory, maybe?) you learn to control the sneeze without the help of your hands (unless the sneeze is really big).
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A trick I learned from one of those fun fact books when I was a kid was that you can stop a sneeze by tickling the roof of your mouth with your tongue when you feel it coming on. It really works. If it doesn't stop the urge completely, it definitely weakens it.
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Response by poster: Thanks all for the comments and suggestions!
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Late to the party here - I tend to get sneezes in batches, I don't sneeze once but three or four times. I deal with this when trying to be polite by breathing out all the way - there's no air to generate the noise so I just make a soft coughing sound.
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