Help ID this bizarre cable movie
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Trying to ID a bizarre movie I saw the end of on Cinemax, many moons ago. (description is incredibly NSFW)

So, I caught the end of a movie late one night around 1996 or 1997 while channel-surfing. I'm pretty sure it was on Cinemax, but it may have been Showtime.

The movie appeared to have been shot on video and treated with a film-look process. The protagonist was a thinnish man, wearing a dark suit with an open collar, and a leather bondage mask. He was breaking into some sort of warehouse-type space (a typical low-budget villain hideout) in search of his sister.

Armed with a gun and a sword, he fought his way past several sword-wielding thugs, until he found his sister. This is where it gets seriously NSFW:

The sister was topless with typically large breasts, and with a bridal veil covering her face. She was standing with her hands bound over her head, on a rotating platform. Our bondage-masked hero fought the main villain, eventually decapitating him, sending an exaggerated geyser of blood flying everywhere.

Somehow, the hero discovered that the sister was already dead, and trudged off sadly. The final shot was the rotating platform coming to a stop, showing us the dead sister, her face and breasts covered in the villain's blood.

I don't *think* I hallucinated this, but I have no idea how I would go about looking this up. Yes, I know 11 or 12 years is a long time to wait, but it's been nagging at my mind lately. Does anyone have any idea what (the hell) this movie was?
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I can't ID it, but I can confirm that during that time period (and possibly today, I wouldn't know) Cinemax had those very violent gore and nudity laden flicks on regularly. Usually right after something like Bikini Carwash Company or the one about the busty aliens who crash landed on the beach.

So you didn't hallucinate it, but beyond that I can't be of much assistance.
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If you can't find it here, perhaps you can post the same question at a forum specifically dealing with cult cinema? Maybe this one? You'll need to register but it looks like that's free.
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