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I want to set up a photoblog, preferably within or in conjuction with my Blogger blog. I thought that Google recently acquired a company that might be doing this in the future, any word? If this is unlikely, what are the best alternatives? What if I don't care if it works well with Blogger, is there anything that is good and free that can serve my needs?
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The company you're thinking of is picasa I believe, and their Blogger integration is called Hello.

I'd suggest signing up at flickr, then uploading photos there. They have several ways to display your photos on your blog. Either in a strip of thumbnails of your last X photos, in a flash box that rotates between your recent photos, or within posts themselves, as new posts to your site (with the image within).

Here are some examples of the flickr things: I have the strip of photos going down the lower right side of my site, kathryn posts photos from flickr to her blog directly, and the flickrblog has the flash sidepanel thingy in full effect.
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Picasa is the company acquired by google, and the picasa software does indeed work with blogger blogs to post photos. I've used both Picasa and flickr, and much prefer flickr.
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