right name for a type of plumbing thing?
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what's-it-called-filter: I want to add a water spigot for gardening away from the house, rather than having it come directly out of the wall. What should I be searching/asking for?!

What I want is something like this, but with modern plumbing. I've seen them in our neighborhood, but don't know what it's called. Would like to be able to search, or at least talk to a plumber without going all hand-wavey.

mr. epersonae uses "standpipe" just as a matter of course, but he wasn't sure if that was the right name, and I'm not turning up anything in searching. (Except for crazy stuff like this guy in a Hooverville!) Thanks.
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I'd call it a standpipe too, so does wikipedia
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If you're looking for something to attach a hose to, you might call it a "hose bibb", but that's also the name for a spigot that comes out of a wall.

To me, a "standpipe" is more specifically something that's intended for use by the local Fire Department.
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That looks like a water pump to me, meaning it is connected to a well rather than the house's plumbing. If you have a well or a rainbarrel you can use this one. If you want an extra hose bib you can buy the appropriate length of lifetime hose, buy it a few feet in the ground and use a (not as pretty) extra faucet. Connect the hose to your existing hose pipe with one of these or these
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oops, I meant THIS extra faucet.
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The pipe coming out of the ground is the standpipe. what you are looking for is a Yard Hydrant.
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It may make a difference where you are. In Iowa it's called a hydrant.
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The "yard hydrant" was exactly what I was thinking of! But "free standing hose bibb" got some nifty results, particularly an outdoor shower. And if I ever get my rain barrels set up, I might look into that pitcher pump. :)
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We did pretty much what saucysault suggests, with some modifications. We did get a super-deluxe quality hose, but didn't bury it, since our yard configuration allowed us to hide it along the bottom of a fence. We got a black hose, which helped with camouflage. If you do it like that, you'll need to be sure to drain it completely in the winter; heck, depending on where you live, you may need to do that even if you bury it.

We also just used a regular hose bibb, mounted through a piece of wood attached to an existing yard structure.

Works great, easy to install, and cheap!
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