I'll write a tipsy letter to a real good friend of mine
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Darling-Letter-Filter: Where can I purchase attractive, design-inspired paper goods online?

I am planning on hand-writing some letters in order to re-connect with people in my life (and to update them on my current whereabouts/endeavors, etc.). Thus, I am looking specifically for sheets of paper + envelopes for letter-writing. I really enjoy the design sensibility of current independent designers, so I'd like something that reflects this.

I'm well-acquainted with designers on Etsy, but I'm not finding what I'm after. Most of my other leads are from places like Creature Comforts and Oh Joy! (taking a look at those, you'll get a good feel for what I'm looking for). However, as with Etsy, most of the suggested designers are primarily invested in creating folded note-cards, and not singular sheets for letter-writing.

Can you suggest somewhere online where I might be able to find such stationary? I want links! Lot of links!

If there is a designer or online storefront that doesn't offer such stationary, but you feel shouldn't be missed, please feel free to post those links, too! I might find use for those later on. :)
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Maybe a little bit bright compared to what you've linked to above, but I like Erin Condren's things - they make me smile.
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Hollanders has a store full of very beautiful paper, and have a website and an online store. The stationery section looks like mostly note cards, and doesn't look quite as unique and lovely as their other papers, but you could buy some of the others and just cut it to the size you want.
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Though I don't see any in their etsy shop right now, I've gotten nice writing paper from Wolfie & The Sneak before.

For now, though, here's some pretty Jill Bliss stationery.
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I also really like Angela Adams, although these may be a bit brighter than you like.

It looks like most of what's listed here is cards, but following some of the links might lead you to some more paper-y offerings.
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16 Sparrows has some old-fashioned-with-a-twist stationery. Also take a look at Sukie and blissen.
Design Sponge is a good blog to watch for lovely paper things.
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the paper princess
minnie and emma
sugar paper

Also, chronicle books has a fun selection of stationary.
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French Paper for all your needs.
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Response by poster: Ooooo, all of these look so wonderful so far. Thank you for your suggestions! and keep 'em coming!
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I have a gorgeous stationery set that I adore. No one I've sent it to seemed all that impressed, but.. well, there's no accounting for taste! It's a set of paper with Eames Textile Patterns, and, in fact that's the only thing the box says. The box contains loose papers (four different designs), very colorful, and as many envelope designs. The paper is high quality and thick. Actually, I think the set I have is exactly what you're looking for! And, I'm sure the company had other designs besides Eames. I bought my box at Border's, but I see a comparable set at Reprodepot (there's also a beautiful Lotta Jansdotter stationery box). The maker is Chronicle Books.. That figures! I see someone already mentioned Chronicle, so I second it wholeheartedly! They're my favorite publisher, and they do have nice stationery! As an aside, the Eames set is also available at Amazon, and they have some pretty cute paper products in the 'Customers Who Bought This Item Also Bought' area, too!

I'll also link you to Kate's Paperie in Philadelphia. They have some nice stuff that might be worth browsing through.
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Seconding Jill Bliss, and I also love Egg Press, and the site cut + paste which is an etsy-like site.. Oh, and little otsu is swell.
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Just happened across a couple more, both of which I'm tempted to buy for myself.

Telegram-themed & Map-themed
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Response by poster: All of these suggestions are going to break my bank! They are all so fantastic (omg, I am in love with the ones by 16 Sparrows!). Thank you all so much. I am going to be sending the spiffiest letters ever!
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