Clean up my "Documents" folder!
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How do I hide folders in OS X that other programs need regular access to?

If you're like me and use a Mac with Applications on it, you'll find that your Documents folder is frequently cluttered up with stuff you don't want to see. I Have folders titled "Microsoft User Data", "OmniFocus Backups", and "Quicken Backup Folder" to name a few.

I want to hide these so I'm not bothered by them. I don't think I can do the typical Unix trick, when you begin the filename with a ".", the file is made invisible without disrupting Office, OmniFocus, and Quicken by changing the name of the folder. Is there any other way?
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Add their names to /.hidden at the root level of the disk and they'll go away, but still be accessible programmatically.
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(see here for more)
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If you have the developer tools installed, there's a utility called SetFile that will allow you to set the visibility flag for a file or folder.

/Developer/Tools/SetFile -a V /path/to/file

Use lowercase v to flip it back to visible.
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Best answer: A simpler alternative: 1) Create a folder called "My Documents" or something and move all your stuff (the stuff you want to see) in there. Give it a purty icon. Put it in the finder sidebar or in your dock or on your desktop where you'll see it all the time. 2) Remove references to the plain old Documents folder from all those same places. Do not look in it anymore.
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