Philly quick and fun activities?
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new-to-Philly-filter: Casual, short dating activity--no food, coffee, or alcohol?

New to Philly. I met a girl on the internet, and we're going to meet to see if we'd like to semi-casually hook up in the future.

A coffee shop and a walk is doable but always potentially awkward. I'm wondering if there's anything out there that would be fun and distracting during gaps in a conversation. Stores? Streets? Mini-museums? Libraries?

We're both somewhere on the West side fairly close to the campus area.

So, keeping in mind that we need to be able to have an articulate conversation:

0. I'm looking for something around very-early-evening.
1. Anything unique and entertaining that doesn't involve food, coffee, or alcohol?
2. In lieu of (1), any coffee shops that have tons of distracting character, but no loud music and are more intimate/less utilitarian?
3. In lieu of the campus, center city, of course, must have infinitely more stuff to do, and might be the best option. Please recommend stuff where it's really easy to grab a cab.

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IANIP, but... Definitely unique: The Mutter Museum. Open late on Fridays.
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Best answer: When I lived in Philly I always loved the ICA which is virtually on-campus if I recall. And the Rodin museum is nice, too.
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penn occasionally blasts movies on the side of the library at 40th and walnut. they did it weekly 4 summers ago.
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Going to the Mutter Museum as a first date would sure be interesting....

Aren't there a couple of bowling alleys in Philly now? That could be fun.

There's always a stroll down South Street to window shop, look at Zagar's mosaic garden (if it's still's around 10th and South), get a pizza slice to go, etc.

The Mummers Museum holds outdoor concerts all summer, with a different band each week. Maybe a little far afield from where you are, but it's fun.

The Satellite Coffeeshop is near the Penn and Drexel campuses and is a neat place to hang out.
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ICA is now free! Speaking of free.
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Best answer: Is she also new to Philly?

If not, why not say to her "I'm new in town, why don't you show me one/some of your favourite places?"
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For quirky, you can always see if you can find the deer in the Woodlands cemetery in the afternoon/evening.

The Penn Museum of Archeology and Anthropology might be up your alley geographically and stuff-to-do/see-wise.

On the other end of town, there are loads of art galleries in Old City ... You can start around 2nd and Race/Arch and sort of meander your way back across town. There are enough bars and eateries smattered about so that you can stop and eat/drink if the mood strikes you.

It's also where the Duck Boats are, if you're into it (but then you'd be trapped on a boat with her).

And, of course, the historical bits of the city are there too (as well as the restaurant Jones, which serves wickedly good mac & cheese, if y'all end up in the mood for it).

You can get to the east side via the Green Line, which can also be a pretty good stimulus for conversation just by itself.
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