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I want to get a bunch of friends to drive down to Mexico and rent a house for the weekend.

I live in Los Angeles, and I'm looking to rent a house by the beach somewhere in Baja, Mexico for a weekend trip. Has anybody had any good experiences doing this? Specific recommendations are totally welcome.
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I had a great experience doing this in Ensenada. It was awesome, and not shady at all, other than a couple guys needing to bribe the local policia (they probably deserved to get pulled over, it was late and there may have been drinking and dirt bikes involved). I will try to find out the specific place we rented from.
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Have you read recent news reports out of Mexico? There have been shocking assaults on Baja tourists that have made border Mexico a very different place to visit than it was just a few years ago. Not to be a chicken little or anything, but this piece from the Times is scary. Have you thought about flying somewhere deeper in country rather than taking the highway?
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Best answer: Las Gaviotas. Many privately owned condos for rent in a guarded , gated community of American ex-pats, between Rosarita and Ensenada. Really close to Puerto Nuevo (lobster!).rental site. Went here for many years with friends. Nice pool. Tennis courts. Small beach. Lots of surfers. Bring your own food, or dine out. The amenities vary per condo.
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