The trick to playing the piano...
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[Wodehouse Quote Filter] Need the exact quotation for a paper. It's Wodehouse I'm sure, but only vaguely remember which character said it or the verbatim of the thing. It's about playing the Piano.

I think it was Bingo Little. It goes like this (upon seeing someone playing the piano): "As far as I can see it, the trick is to get one hand to do one thing and the other to do something completely different! Well anyone can do that!".

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Or maybe it was tuppy glossip. Could have been specific only to the tv show, but they must have got the line from one of the books. I would think.
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In the Fry/Laurie TV adaptation, it was in "Golf Tournament" (Episode 2, Season 1) - Barmy Fotheringay-Phipps who says it to Lady Wickham (while Tuppy is mooning over Cora Bellinger) on the evening of the hot water bottle incident. I can't swear it's in the books, though.
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You may be able to find what you are looking for at Bartelby's.
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Right you are! That makes sense. After extra google-fu I see that the episode draws entirely from the book Very good, Jeeves. Which I don't have in my jeeves omnibus or best of wodehouse or in individual book. Damn and double damn!
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I may have that book, I'll check when I get home tonight.
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The quote does not seem to appear in "Very Good, Jeeves." Neither does Barmy, for that matter. The TV show did make rather free with the books from time to time.
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The Fry/Laurie TV series is more Clive Exton than Wodehouse, i.e. only loosely based on the works of The Master.

"Wodehouse Playhouse" (from the 50s) is a much more faithful adaptation (PGW was involved in the production), and highly recommended.
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Found the quote here:
And am watching the show now. I had no idea how much Exton contributed. He did a fine job capturing the spirit of PGW.

Downside is it was a perfect quote for my paper, but somehow quoting a tv show doesn't have the same whatsit.
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The Fry/Laurie TV series is more Clive Exton than Wodehouse, i.e. only loosely based on the works of The Master.

Having never read any Agatha Christie, I'm curious as to whether similar liberties were taken with Poirot? I love the both series, regardless or, I suppose, perhaps because of Exton's handiwork...
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