Bands to see in Montreal
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What bands to see in Montreal from the 19th - 24th?

I'll be in Montreal until the 25th, arriving tomorrow. I like seeing live music, especially so in small clubs. Any recommendations on whom to see and where?

Bands I've been listening to lately that I like: electrelane, Neutral Milk Hotel, Entire Cities, Basia Bulat, Belle and Sebastian, Camera Obscura, The Clash, Vampire Weekend, Arcade Fire, Love is All, Sharon Jones & The Dap Kings, Devotchka, Dick Dale, Elvis, The Ramones, Weston.
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I don't have any recommendations but stillepost lists upcoming shows if you have time to browse.
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From what I know of the first two acts, this should fit the bill nicely: Shearwater, Fron Eyes and Evangelicals. Sunday 22nd June, Club Lambi
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That's Frog Eyes of course, not 'Fron Eyes'.
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Hi! You've picked an amazing time to visit.

This is the link you want for show listings - then hover over what's interesting.

My tips:

  • Little Scream, The Witchies, and Handsome Furs. FREE gig as part of the Fringe Festival, at a tiny outside park (or the Jupiter Room if it rains). Handsome Furs are of course Dan (from Wolf Parade) and Alexei, his wife. They are terrific, better live than on record. Witchies are verrry hotly tipped new band from Frankie Sparo's Chad Jones and an amazing artist called Nadia Moss. And Little Scream will be good too!
  • Tren Bros, Spar & Automatic. Tren Brothers are Mick and Jim from Dirty Three. Spar & Automatic is the new group by weirdo Canadian folk icon Mary Margaret Ohara. They're playing at a lovely venue called Sala. Call it avant-folk.
  • Shapes & Sizes, Weird Weeds, Alex Lukashevsky at the rad cave called Zoobizarre. Shapes and Sizes play psych-rock-y jams, shadowy and gloomed. Weird Weeds are visiting canon.
  • Wyrd Visions & other things I looove Toronto's Wyrd Visions. I'd call it something clumsy like doom folk.
  • Retribution Gospel Choir + Thalia Zedek I'm going to be at this one - members of Low in their noisier, catchier rock configuration. (The album was produced by Mark Kozelek.) And Thalia Zedek's a smoky-voiced lady who is good.
  • Slow dance night There's also a cool slow-dance night on if you're into that.
okay, this is taking too long --

other goodness,

SATURDAY: The Youjsh, as part of Fringe Pop (again free), like Duke Ellington meets Balkan folk. You'd probably also like Wintersleep.

SUNDAY: I looooove Frog Eyes and Shearwater, so that's highly recommended (though Evangelicals leave me cold). Frog Eyes can be a little schizoid but Shearwater bring the best kind of ache and crash. Roscoe Michell's a jazz god. Oh, and Adam & the Amethysts at Fringe Pop!!!! Adam plays in Miracle Fortress and Telefauna, album is a beautiful bit of folk-pop, one of the dearest Canadian debuts of this year.

If you're still here on the 25th evening, do NOT NOT NOT miss White Hinterland and Tune Yards. That will tickle your fiddle three ways to sunday.
posted by Marquis at 1:28 PM on June 18, 2008 has a good list of electronic and other types of music.
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Here are some more links that list things happening in Montreal
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Marquis is just the guy you want answering this question. Listen to him!
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Sweet. I'm going to the pop in the park thing tonight. PM me if you are too.
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Bummer about handsome furs not doing well in the rain.
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hope you caught Little Scream and the Witchies - they were really terrific! didn't get yr note here til after!
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Seconding le morte de bea arthur's suggestion, with enthusiasm.
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