What are some well designed, very secure interior door manufacturers?
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What manufacturers should I be looking at in searching out a very secure (i.e. 3 point lock) but stylish interior door to act as the entrance into a condo unit?

I'm searching for very well designed doors for a client who has been burgled twice. Security is extremely important but the door should look and feel (i.e. quality mechanisms/moving parts) very stylish. I need the door system equivalent of a Swiss watch! This system needs to have North American distribution, or even better yet... is available in Toronto. Suggestions and hyperlinks appreciated!
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Not sure about specific models, but a few design things strike me as possible avenues to pursue:

- deadbolts that come out of all sides of the door (into the ceiling, floor, and both sides), so tampering with the area around the keyhole, or even removing the lock and doorknob/latch, is not sufficient to open the door
- a doorstop that is screwed to the floor, but is RFID-activated to move out of the way when the client wants this to happen
- special laminate that holds broken glass shards in place
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Ideas are good, but what I'm really after is high end manufacturers/suppliers that cater to design nerds rather than the "panic room" crowd.
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Would any of these qualify as stylish?

Setting security aside, what would be an example of a high-end stylish door?
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Did I say stylish? I meant modern/minimal. :)
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Most designers of security doors seem to have slightly odd style ideas IMHO. Could you purchase a sturdy fire door that met your style criteria, and retrofit the required locks?
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We have a Peachtree door that leads out to our deck that is fantastic (as fantastic as a door can be, I suppose...) It has a very smoothly operating three-point mortise lock.

Peachtree apparently has a fantastic warranty too. Ours is expired so although they wouldn't service ours when the lock broke (stupid friend forced it and somehow misaligned the pins, and the "panic" feature where you can open it from the inside even if it's locked stopped working, and I wouldn't interpret that as the door being problematic, just the friend), they sent us a whole new lockset and a DVD on how to install it (not tough at all, if you know how to use a screwdriver.)
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