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I've got a journal in LiveJournal that I want to download to my home computer prior to deleting. The tool on the LiveJournal site will do this, but only one month at a time. Is there any tool that can handle more than a single month? I'd prefer the XML format, since I might want to do something with them at a later date.
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Best answer: Check out the lj_nifty community. It has tools and such.

It happens that the most recent entry is about ljArchive which may do what you want. If not, I'm sure there's something in the back entries that would do the job.
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I have tried the ljArchive tool and it works pretty well, much better than LJ's backup that leaves it as unformatted garble. You might have to try two or three (or more) times before you can get all your entries downloaded though, as it is all dependent on how cooperative Livejournal's server decides to be.
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