Intermediate ASP.NET/VB Book?
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Good ASP.NET(VB book)?

I have been learning ASP.NET(VB) using the book Build Your Own ASP.NET 2.0 Web Site Using C# & VB, 2nd Edition and I am three quarters of the way through the book. I am starting to think about what book to use after this one to go further with my learning.

The thing is while I would rather use C#, the work I am doing requires me to code in VB. From a quick glance it seems like many of the best books focus on C#. I know the .NET framework is the much bigger deal to learn than the chosen language, but I still think there would be a lot of benefit to learning from a book that offers VB code.

With that said, can anyone make anyone some recommendations for a good followup book? The book I'm in now is a beginner book, and a good one at that. The next book would hopefully be intermediate-ish, but not too advanced. Also, I should mention some of the things I am going to be looking to build are CMS's and Portals and I am will probably do a lot with RSS feeds and Web Services. Anything that keeps in SEO in mind is a bonus also.
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Not a book, but you should take a look at DotNetNuke. It is an open source CMS portal written in ASP.NET using VB.NET. The source code is freely available on the website, and it might in instructive for you to see how they have implemented the things you are interested in. They are Microsoft's poster child for open source in ASP.NET, so they have been tested every which way and have a very solid best practices approach.
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I would actually take issue with the idea that DNN represents best practices.

Their approach to authentication is completely different from the way that most apps work. I'm not knocking the compromises they made, but their user identification system is, at root, a compromise between old DNN and .net 2.0. Likewise the way that they structure their providers is designed for on the fly installation over all else. Those just aren't the priorities of most web projects.

We throw Lee's Developer's Notebook at our new coders. It might be too basic for you though.
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