Make my city a sandbox
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SimCity4 question: make my city a sandbox.

So I love simulation games of all sorts... SimCity, Roller Coaster Tycoon, etc. It's some fun fantasy stuff--"If I was boss..."

What frustrates me about SimCity4 is that there is no way to have a true 'sandbox' mode. RCT allows a sandbox mode that lets you do whatever you like, unlimited funds, but doesn't count towards scores or whatnot. Is there any way to get this in SC4? Yes, I know all the cheat codes.. but pasting in 'weaknesspays' a few bazillion times is just no fun. All I want to do is play in a sandbox!
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Are you willing to download a mod?

I've used this mod before with success.

Use this if you have Rush Hour installed.

Seriously, there's a "god mode" for most other games like this. I agree with you that Sim City is totally annoying in how it doesn't have one.

Happy city-building!!!
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Incidentally, these mods start you out with a bunch of money. I recommend taking the max amount ($25 million.)

I'm sure there are other mods that will give you unlimited funds, but I haven't tested those personally, so I can't vouch for their effectiveness.
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I look to Game FAQs for things like this. Here's a link to the cheat section for the PC version of SimCity4.
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Thanks, _______ of Justice.

Um, chndrcks... "Yes, I know all the cheat codes.. but pasting in 'weaknesspays' a few bazillion times is just no fun."
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Try looking on Gamecopyworld. They have trainers for several versions of SimCity4 and I'm betting that a few of those trainers have an unlimited money option.
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If you don't like mods: This is somewhat time-consuming, but low-density housing can be surprisingly profitable if you restrict lot size to one tile. Build industry and commercial as usual, but have zillions of little single-family houses. Then, once you have lots of money, nuke it and then do whatever.
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Go to Simtropolis or better yet, sc4devotion. The amount and quality of user created content is truly astounding, after using the content from these sites it's like playing a completely different (and better) game.
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