What do you call reflexology?
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I am studying reflexology and I need to come up with a name for my business, as part of the course. Help me Mefites, I need inspiration!

My chosen name at the moment is Reflections - partly because it sounds like Reflexoloxy and partly because the feet reflect the body, which is kinda the point of reflexology. But I'm sure there's something more original, and possibly shorter, out there I can use. I like Sole-Therapy, but it's already being used.

I've come up with a logo, using two sanskrit symbols (one meaning 'reflection') but I've totally over-designed it and so I think I'm going to start again from scratch - ideas needed for that too!

I'm really looking for something totally original, but simple, which will surprise and impress people! Something that will stand out from the competition.

Anything you come up with will be much appreciated! I'm in the UK if it makes a difference.
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Body and Sole
Heart and Sole
Foot lose
Fingers on Feet
umm brain's run dry
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It's not science!
The Tickle Placebo
Happy Feet
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Isn't reflux a type of indigestion?! I don't think I want to give my clients that! And I'm not sure I want to sell it as a placebo-effect therapy!

I quite like reflexafix - that's my favourite so far. It needs to be professional-sounding (ie not feet-r-us type names!).

Keep them coming!
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Hmm.. reflexology is also known as Zone therapy - maybe that could throw up a few more ideas?
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The Reflex Zone?
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If you like Reflections, you should go with Reflexions
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Joy of Flex.
Flexus Hold 'em.
Great Flexpectations.
The Flexoricst.
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Bump and Find
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Yeah, I'm not sure sexual connotations (or horror movie references) come across as very professional/respectable!
There is an association publication called Reflexions, so I can't use that. It's also one of the reasons I'm reluctant to use Reflections.
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To The Point
Pressure Principle
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I think Joy of Flex is really good, and comes across as respectable enough
I also think Bump and Find is great, but probably fails to meet your respectability threshold
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Sole Mates
Toe Treats
Foot Friends

Ah - just read that you don't want FeetRUs suggestions.

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Who is the audience that you're looking to reach? People who already are familiar with reflexology, or people who are skeptical that foot massage can help their allergies? (Intentionally simplistic description, not my opinion.)

If your name is intended to primarily market you to those familiar with reflexology, use something like reflexafix. But the problem with the term "reflexology" is that it doesn't intuitively mean anything to skeptics. Just something to think about.
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Desuetude, you're right. I guess I'm aiming for all markets - those who know what reflexology is and those who don't. I hope that skeptics or people who know nothing about it would be interested enough to ask me - it's a bit hard to explain in a name!

Penguin pie: I love Reflexperts, but since I'm training I can't really class myself as an expert. And there's only one of me. But that's one to remember!
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I am partial to To the Point. (LMT)
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Hm... I'm just brainstorming and throwing stuff out there:

Deus Flex Machina > Deus Flex


In the Zone
Under Pressure

I've bolded the ones I particularly like. :)
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With regards to your logo--I'm a professional graphic designer and art director. I've worked for large design firms and I've designed identities, brands, and websites for several large corporations, and I've done independent work for small companies and groups and a few MeFites. I'd be happy to work with you, or I can refer you to another designer. My email's in my profile.
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Sole Relaxation
And a silly one: Chicken Soup for the Sole
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