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I am part time and make 100, or so dollars a week.often less what i want to know is can i recieve any goverment assistance i can barely afford insurance. I am trying to find a better job but it isnt going very fast i live in lancaster pa
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People might be able to help you if you provide more information - are you married? does your spouse provide income? any kids? from your posting history it looks like you don't pay rent - any other benefits from living with your grandmother? etc.
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You might try the Lancaster County Employment and Training site. They may be able to help you with skills upgrades, job training, resume writing, interview techniques and so on. The Lancaster Urban League may also be able to help with job training. You might also look at the Community Action Partnership. Hope that helps.
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It's possible that you are elegible for the Earned Income Tax Credit.
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try calling 211. It's like 411, but for stuff like this. also useful for finding doctors and other necessary services.
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you are almost certainly eligible for food stamps. you can even apply online!
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not married i dont pay rent, i take care of a elderly person for my rent.
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i was doing ok untill some crap started pileing up on my my vehicle justbroke down and some other things iwont get into
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