Is Square Trade warranty a good idea?
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Does Square Trade honor their warranties?

I've seen more good than bad reviews, but the good ones smell a little sock puppety. Anyone here have direct experience?

I just bought a lovely camera (canon tx1) on ebay and will buy the warranty if I have reason to believe they'll actually honor it.
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I once expressed doubts about Square Trade's service to my boyfriend after he purchased a warranty with a radio. I was wrong. His radio was broken in some way, Square Trade honored the warranty speedily, and I am reminded of this fact by the ever-gloating boyfriend with some frequency. Sigh.

So, yes. I believe they do.
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I'm sure they do exactly what it says in the terms of the warranty. This is probably less than what those who don't read the terms were expecting.

However, this type of warranty is often overpriced. It just doesn't seem like as much money when it's included in your payment for the camera. A good test to use is this: If an insurance salesman knocked on your door and offered insurance for (only) your camera for the same price and term, would you buy it?
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