Looking for a locally-owned restaurant in Phoenix...
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Who can recommend a locally-owned restaurant in or near Phoenix for lunch on Saturday? Type of food doesn't matter, just that they know what their ingredients are and are willing to deal with some food allergies.

One person (me) can eat anything, another (not me) has a soy, nut, and dairy allergy. We don't need a hippy place that only serves allergy friendly food, but that'd be ok too. We just need a place that makes everything from scratch and can make something on a clean pan for her. BBQ, mexican, pub, thai, whatever; just name the best local joint open for lunches.
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Casey Moore's in Tempe is locally owned. For lunch it's mostly bar style food, but they have a lot of seafood on the menu. I honestly have no idea if they could accommodate your needs, but you could try giving them a call. 480-968-9935. Ask for Mike, Todd, or Reggie in the kitchen.

(Not affiliated, but spend a lot of time there. Chances are high I'll be there Saturday afternoon even, enjoying a cocktail or two. If you go, drop me a MeFi mail.)
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Check out House of Tricks in Tempe. It's a locally owned, fusion-y little place that uses lots of seasonal ingredients. I've only been there for dinner, but everyone raves about their lunch.
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The Blue Nile in Tempe is a really amazing Ethiopian restaurant. They specialize in vegetarian foods (along with some vegan and raw items), and their menu doesn't include much soy, nut, or dairy. The owners are really cool, too.
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You can try Padre Murphy's on 43rd and Bell. They have accommodated my grandmother and her food allergies in the past. Call and ask for Tom Boyle, the owner, and he can tell you what's up with the food prep.
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You might try Pita Jungle. Don't let the name fool you. The menu is extensive and includes many veggie-only, Middle Eastern-inspired and seafood dishes. The ingredients (especially the really filling salads) are awfully fresh and very tasty. There are several locations in the city but it's not anything like chain-style fare you'd find other places. I like the location at 36th and Indian School best. It's casual, but a nice, cozy atmosphere.
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Caffe Boa serves up some amazing contemporary Italian and fits your criteria. I can also vouch for House of Tricks and Pita Jungle as great places that can work with you.
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We went to Boa. They were very easy going and made us two great lunches. I cannot speak for any of the other places.

For what it's worth, if anyone else has a soy allergy, avoid Rosa's Little Italy in Bisbee. The owner informed us that EVERY SINGLE DISH had soy oil in it and other than a salad with lemon wedges they could not make anything soy free. While my meal was good, and the salad was fine, I still cannot believe such a highly respected italian restaurant would be using soy oil in everything rather than olive oil.
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