Cool project ideas for HD?
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Help me do something cool with a borrowed pro HD video camera. Many constraints, detailed inside.

So, I've got about 36 hours with a borrowed HD camera (a stock JVC GY-HD110U, in case you're wondering), and I have *zero* ideas for any fun projects I can do with it.

Normally I have no shortage of ideas for stuff like this. The problem I have is that it has to be a solo project - all of my local friends have "day jobs" and families and kids and yada yada, and can't come out to "play movies" with me. And Mrs. Polymath is out of town for the rest of the week.

So all I have to work with is me, the camera, a tripod, my dog, and my cat. And whatever is in my house (two home offices, a rec room, the usual living/eating rooms, a bunch of Macs, etc). I'm trying to find a humorous premise for a 3-5 minute short that I can shoot by myself, without looking like a lonely loser.

Can anyone get my creativity gland secreting on this..? Many thanks.
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Lock the camera off and act two (or three) parts don't cross paths.

In post use simple mats and composite them together voila multiples actors.
Bellow is a link something somewhat similar an establishing shot is a composited and
the rest are cuts between the 2 actors.
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Is there a single-frame button? You could do something with stop-motion.
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