Looking for more foodies.
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Are there any under-the-radar online foodie communities?

I'm looking for sites like Chow and Serious Eats, but ones that have gone mostly un-discovered. I need new ideas on what to cook and eat!
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Slowfood Blog
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Scratch that. Not much of a slow food community presence there. Have you tried the epicurious forums?
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There are lots of foodie sites that are geography-based, such as LTHForum for Chicago. If you're just looking for recipes and home-cooking discussion, I would guess the geography wouldn't matter, although I don't know how much non-restaurant chatter they have.
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There are lots of foodie communities on LiveJournal, and, I imagine, on other blog/social-network/community/whatnot sites. Here's one for bears.
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You might want to take a look at FoodBuzz. It's a little more dining-oriented than blogs like Serious Eats, but it's relatively undiscovered and pretty cool.
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The forum at Book of Rai has a small but dedicated core of serious food fanatics... a lot of E-gullet survivors. More focuised on ethnic food than foodie trends.
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