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I work for a small company. The idea of having a blog (outward-facing, not internal) has come up a couple of times. I'd like to a) find some good examples of existing company blogs as a model, b) figure out issues of upkeep/best practices/etc.

The company I work for is small - about a dozen employees, plus a few contractors. A few people said they're willing to write for it, but to me the biggest fear is it dying after only a few posts - so how do I make sure we at least have one weekly post, if not more?

Other people have concerns about giving away trade secrets. I don't want to complicate posting to the blog, but do we need to have someone OK things before they get posted? Do we need blog guidelines/ a blog czar? If so, I have a feeling it'll probably be me.

The main objective for the blog as I understand it is to have a non-press release way of putting news/updates/insights out there. And also to establish our expertise in our area of work (rich media/online product demos). You can mefimail me if you're dying to know the exact company in question.
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Gartner blogs are good to review. They won a webby 2 years ago.
They also do a good job of not giving away TMI, just enough to peak interest.
You got it right - you will need commitments for timely posts, and sounds like you will be the one to approve and post.

good luck!
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