WKRP: in which episode does Carlson throw the drawer out the window?
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Which episode of WKRP in Cincinnati has Mr. Carlson accidently throwing a desk drawer out the office window?

There is a scene in one episode where another character is trying to talk to Carlson, but he is busy tugging on a stuck drawer in his desk. He finally gets it open, and has pulled so hard on it that it comes all the way out. He staggers back, swings around, and lets go of the drawer. The drawer flies through the window and out into the city street.

There's a pretty good episode guide at Wikipedia, but it doesn't mention that specific incident, probably because it didn't have anything to do with the plot of whatever episode that was. Help, tv geeks?
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Final update from the OP:
It's Season 2, Episode 13, God Talks To Johnny, and can be found on youtube.

(hilarious bit I was asking about starts at 11:28)
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