Where to host a happy hour for 100 in Seattle?
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Need help planning a happy hour event in Seattle this September.

I work for a college in Portland, Oregon. We're going to be hosting a happy hour/networking event for alumni in Seattle this September. I know Seattle fairly well, but am not up to speed on the bar/restaurant scene.

What I'm looking for, ideally, is:

A location that is easily accessible for an after-work happy hour, can accommodate 60-120 people with drinks and maybe hors d'oeuvres, and would be a cool place to go for both long-term and newly-arrived Seattle residents.

Tall order, I know. Bars, restaurants, clubs, galleries, etc. are all okay.
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I'd suggest the Elysian Fields--best microbrew in Seattle, centrally located in Pioneer Square, large space which they do reserve for groups.
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I'm not sure if it's the atmosphere you're looking for, but Gameworks has a fairly large restaurant/meeting area, passable food/drinks, and plenty of entertainment options.
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Jillian's can accommodate that many people. They have a good happy hour, the food is not exceptional, they show sports, have pool, video games, etc. It's not the best place ever, but it can easily handle a large group.
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I went to a college in Portland oregon. When they want to organize an event up here in Seattle, they usually start by asking people in the local alumni chapter for ideas/suggestions for venues. Are there any alumni you are already in contact with to organize this event. They'd be a good resource.

That said, I've been to a happy hour at the EMP that was pretty nice, though I got the impression it was a bit spendy. The downtown public library has some nice meeting rooms that can be rented for a reasonable price. I believe that you can bring in alcohol, but you may need to work with an approved caterer. In the same area, there was a nice reception at the Hotel Vintage Park. Other downtown hotels will have facilities too. You might see if the restaurant/bar at the Seattle Art museum is available. Elliot Bay books might let out the space they use for book readings. I work by Tom Douglas's Palace Ballroom, which hosts a range of private events.

Elysian Fields would be a good bet, so long as you aren't scheduling it for a night when there is a football or baseball game. Pyramid Alehouse is in the same general vicinity, with the same caveats. I'd say both are a bit off the beaten path for downtown workers.

For a more interesting venue, I think the center for wooden boats, on the water of south Lake Union, can be rented out. The new streetcar should make it easy for people to get there from downtown. The Chinese Room near the top of smith tower is supposed to be pretty cool.
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Oh, I haven't been in years, but the Alibi Room down Post Alley near the market was a cool space with a nice view.
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