Need San Antonio Restaurant
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I'm looking for a great / unique restaurant in San Antonio to take some business associates this friday night for dinner.

I've been to San Antonio 8-10 times... & eaten on the River Walk several times. It's been awhile since my last time though...
My criteria are;
Money is not an issue
I'd like several suggestions; (italian, steakhouse, etc)
If on the river walk, something with a view (outside) overlooking the canal.

I want to make a reservation today.
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I feel like I should know this, having lived here for years, but I rarely get down to the Riverwalk.

My favorite Mexican restaurant is Picante Grill, kind of close to downtown on Broadway. Best enchiladas in town. There is also the old standby La Fogata.

Paesanos is a great Italian spot. I haven't been to the Riverwalk location, but I imagine it's just as good as the others.
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If you want unique, then go to The Liberty Bar. It's funky with a hip crowd, and has excellent food, an eclectic wine list, and good service, IMO. The food style is varied but consistently excellent.

Bin 555 is also well worth considering. Food is along the line of tapas and Spanish and the wine list and stewardship is excellent.

Frederick's is French cuisine informed by Vietnamese/Asian ingredients. Not far away is another good French restaurant, L'Etoile.

Of course, if money truly is no object, there is Le Reve, considered by many to be one of the best restaurants in Texas. I've never been, it's way out of my price range. I believe it serves classic Continental French cuisine.

Go to Bohanan's for steak.

Enjoy your meal!
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On the Riverwalk, you can't beat Las Canarias. Seating available outside on the river, and wonderful fabulous food. Fresh, seasonal, local, and always interesting and delicious. My wife and I try to eat there every time we go to San Antonio -- we had dinner there twice last week.
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Oh man, I grew up in South Texas, and San Antonio was always my family's trip to the "big city"

As said upthread, Paesano's on the river is one of my favorites. Try the Shrimp Paesanos - very awesome.

The Little Rhein Steakhouse is probably my favorite steak place near the river. Great food, a little high on the price, but extremely tasty.

Boudros has some weird stuff, yet it manages to be very unique and tasty. I went there first when I was very young, and definitely didn't appreciate it as much as I do in my 20s.
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You should check out Azuca. It's a little off the Riverwalk, but it's great Nuevo Latino style food--and you can make reservations online.
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This should be of some help. You can also do dinner from a barge on the river.
Not on the river but really good mexican food - Mi Tierra
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