Is it possible to have an iPhone on the same plan with a non-iPhone?
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I want to get one of the new iPhone 3Gs when they become available next month. My husband and I currently have two cell phones on the same Verizon account. I'd like to keep my number and transfer it to an iPhone, but my husband has no interest in an iPhone, he just wants the standard default phone. Can we do that through AT&T? Basically can you have one AT&T account that consists of an iPhone and a non-iPhone?
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Yep, that's no problem at all. We have an iPhone and a "regular" phone on an ATT family plan. We pay the iPhone data plan on one line and the other line is billed as just a phone. We later added a text message package to the other phone.
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Yes, we have an AT&T family plan with two iPhones and one non-iPhone.
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How does your multiple iphone account work? do you have full lines and data on both the iphones? or do you share regular phone minutes and jsut have a data plan on top of the extra line?

I am curious as I would like to do this someday. regular phone for spouse, iPhone for me.
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The way I have always understood it (and I expect it to be for our situation in July) is the $30 data charge is specific to the phone. So if you have a Family plan of $50 + $10 per line, you add a $30 charge on that covers the data for the iPhone. The other phones do not get covered under the data plan. Likewise if you have 2 iPhones, I believe you would have to have two separate $30 charges to cover data for both plans. The minutes are shared between all lines. You can also choose to share unlimited messaging for $30 or buy specific amounts on a per line basis.
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We share minutes between all the phones (iPhones and other), and then the $20/mo. unlimited data/200 SMS fee for each iPhone is added.
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Yes, we do. One iPhone and one sucky Razr. But only until July 11!
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ok, cool. wasn't sure if they would let you package, since their goal is the suck every penny out of a person that is humanly possible. They just bought the local cell provider here, and If anything happens to my phone I will have to switch to them, and they say that the old provider phones are incompatible, which is hilarious. anyway, that makes it a little bit more feasible. I would love one without the data plan, so I could just hit wifi wherever. I really hate subscriptions.
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