Anyone remember a NPR/PRI 'search for a baby sitter' story?
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NPR or PRI story- About a year ago, I heard a story in which the narrator was attempting to find his long lost baby sitter- a woman named Susan or Sharon?! It seemed like a TAL type story but I don't believe it was Ira Glass. Sadly I missed the ending and have been searching for it ever since. Has anyone heard of the story?
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Are you sure it's not This American Life? This story sounds like it. "Act One. Ich...Bin...Ein...Mophead"
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I heard it too. I'm sure it *was* TAL, but now I can't find the episode using their search.
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What Science! said. Was just listening to it the other day.
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Science! nailed it.
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Yup, Science got it: and here's the link where you can find the podcast or listen to the show online:
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Thank you all so much!! This site is the best.
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