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US Visas: A friend of mine from the Philippines wants to get a US entry visa (B2). The paperwork isn't entirely byzantine, but she's fairly intemidated by the interview process. Can any non-American, non-visa-waivered Mefites provide some insight on the process?
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IT IS tedious and intimidating, not to mention the wait outside the U.S. embassy but that's how it is. She needs to bring all the verifiable supporting papers she can and convince the consular officer that her travel is legit, she has the funds to support herself and that she will return home after her visit. It is difficult but not impossible. Good luck kabayan!
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In a roundabout way I've dealt with this process several times. As azul said, the most important thing as far as the folks at the embassy are concerned is that your friend has reason to return to the Philippines. A job, a home, and family ties to her home country go a long way towards convincing them that she does not intend to set up residence in the US. Your friend should prepare with this in mind, and bring documentation that verifies anything she plans to claim (paystubs, copy of a lease or deed, car title, something that shows her parents/siblings/husband/whoever will still be in the Philippines...).
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