BP: Pre-Employment Credit Check?
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Does BP conduct a pre-employment credit check?

I've got a good shot at a technical job at a BP (British Petroleum) refinery in the US. Problem is, my credit is horrible. I wouldn't be handling anything financial in this position.

I know a number of companies do this for all applicants. Is BP one of them?
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Even if they do, if you're not in a position to hypothetically embezzle anything, they probably won't care at all.
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Tomorrowful, from what I've heard, companies do this because it's supposedly a way to judge reliability. The reasoning goes that someone who can't keep up with their bills may be unreliable in other ways too. They could have tardiness problems, forgetfulness, trouble with deadlines, etc. Whether anyone has data to back up those claims, I don't know.
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Yes. They will give you a disclosure and consent form to sign, from HireRight. They will only do this if you have been offered a job, not prior.

They actually do care, much like the U.S. government does: they will see you as more willing to "sell" company information if you are seen as in financial need. So depending on how proprietary the information and programs you handle are, there is a chance they will care. But considering you're working in a refinery, I doubt it.

FYI, if you are in OK, CA, or MN you will receive the report they send to BP.
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I just went to a final job interview with BP in Australia for a geology position, and there was no mention of a credit check. I've been to several other interviews here and never heard of one though, so perhaps it's an American thing.
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