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Child is doing summer classes at San Francisco Art Institute (800 Chestnut St), Mon-Fri, 9-4. It's impractical for Mom to go home and come back between drop-off and pick-up, so she needs a place to study near the Institute. Suggestions please for a place to hang out and work - read, write and internet - within an easy walk of Chestnut @ Jones. This will be every day for the next month; low cost is essential. Maybe a library or better a laid-back cafe where not too much coffee needs to be bought. Wi-fi is needed too, preferably free.
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Have you asked if there's a place where you could do this at the Art Institute?
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SFPL's North Beach branch is at Mason & Columbus, about three blocks away.
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How old is your child? It's a pretty cruddy neighborhood.
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oops - actually it may not be - I thought you meant at the Academy of Art - which IS in a terrible neighborhood.
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yeah. i was going to mention the library as well. if it's every day for a month, unless you make some sort of deal with a cafe owner or something, you're going to wear out your welcome.

if you do end up at the library, i recommend introducing yourself to the librarians and perhaps offering to volunteer a bit. it will make your constant presence a bit more pleasant for everyone.
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The Art Institute does have a cafe that is open to the general public. If you told the staff the situation, maybe they wouldn't mind if you hung out there during your child's classes?
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