Laser Etching in Toronto
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I want to get my laptop laser etched with something appealing on the lid. I'm a little stuck for inspiration about what to put on.

I've found a company in Toronto that will do what I want called Hi Tech Tattoos and I think I can just walk it over to them and have it done on the day. Has anybody used this company? Are they alright people?

With respect to what to hae done, i've found some interesting looking stuff on Flickr searching for "laser etch":

Some are quite nice but I prefer the more naturalistic ones, trees, wheat, things with a more organic feel. Are there ay good galleries I can peruse for more inspiration?
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My favorite etch (can't find anymore) was of the bunny tsunami. The etch reduced the still from that page and stretched it horizontally so the bunny tsunami appeared to be about to engulf the apple logo.

It's possible this never actually happened and I'm just dreaming it.
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chairface: here
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That bunny tsunami is excellent, thanks :)
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Etch-a-mac, located in Arizona, has a number of different designs - just go into their design tab and look at the options after selecting your product. Looks like they have some cool ideas!
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