Free linux dynamic dns hosting?
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What is the best Linux friendly free dynamic DNS hosting provider?

I'm in the process of setting up a server at home that I would like to access from work etc, so I'm after a good free dns service that features an automatic update client which runs reliably on Linux.

A google search of "dynamic dns" and many other permutations thereof throws up what seems to be about a million "free" dns providers, so I would be eager to find out if there is any consensus on what's good out there.

Thanks very much!
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Best answer: is pretty much the end all, be all of dynamic DNS services. I haven't done the Linux thing in awhile, but their site links to update clients for pretty much any platform I can think of, and many routers have built in support.
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Best answer: I use dyndns for this exact purpose; the ddclient with which it works is already in the debian/ubuntu repos. It claims to also work with EasyDNS, Hammernode, Zoneedit.
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I'm a big fan of letting the router do DDNS synchs. Use a Linksys WRT54GL with the Tomato or DD-WRT firmware on it and it will log in for you and update your record if your net connection gets reset.
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Thirding dyndns and seconding ddclient.
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I've been happy with NoIP. There's a no-frills background client that you can build yourself, or there's a debian/ubuntu package (apt-get install noip2)
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