What kind of leather planner should I get?
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I'm such a helpless human being. I need a leather planner to write down various things (meetings, important information, what VDs I have, etc.). This cost will be alleviated by my corporate sponsor. The question is now, being that I for some reason have an unnatural hate for PDAs... what do I get? So far the "Coach mini planner" looks like a good thing to get. Now I want to be able to retain semblences of my youth and wish not for the planner to reek of 50 year old man, suggestions? There seem to be so many choices both expensive (Versace, Louis Vuitton, Coach) and not so expensive but a lot more dorky ones (Franklin Convey).

I'm seriously looking for both quality, design, and functionality. I'm really clueless about the world of agendas/planners. Does there exist in the leather agenda world a company whom you'd immediately buy given the chance because they're just that good?

Normally I'm not that picky, but I loathed and never carried those planners they give you in high school for free. My Palm Vx was good for nothing more then the Gameboy emulator I put on it and I'm currently using the fashionable "Mead" college-rule, but made from recycled paper notebook. The Mead has a hard time with the abuses I give it, which is understandable for the $1.29 I gave it.
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Check out Levenger--they've got a lot of nice stuff along the lines of what you're looking for, and they tend to be in the mid-range on price.
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I dunno, a nice PDA with a QWERTY thumbpad is pretty useful these days, if you gotta keep track of lots of stuff. Might want to look into a PocketPC if the Palm platform didn't give you enough tools to work with.
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i've been using the same dayrunner (black leather pro version) since the early 80's and i love it - it's still in excellent shape too, looks great.
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oh. my. god. Do not spend lots of money on a Coach/Versace/LV/other-chi-chi-brand planner. They may know about leather, but they don't know a damn thing about *planning*.

I use a beautiful paper planner from Quo Vadis. It's the Trinote -- a great design that shows a week-at-a-glance.

If you'll look at the page (click for a bigger picture), you can see some important details. Note the daily spot for priorities at the top of each day, as well as the daily notes at the bottom. There is a weekly to-do-list area on the far right (I don't use the sections, but I do like having lots of space for checkboxes). There is also the three month overview with a bar showing this week that I like a lot. The paper is quality as well -- it beats the shit out of other planners with their blotty, crummy paper.

There are a couple of cover options in leather (like this one), though I use the black fauxleather that comes with. You'd better like one of the covers because the weird Euro sizes make it all but impossible to find a non-Quo Vadis cover that will fit 'em.

Best $20 I ever spent.
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Similar to what zpousman said about pricey designer planners not necessarily being good for planning - There's also the matter of personal style and needs. For a few years I used the standard Franklin Covey 2-page per day format. Eventually I realized I just didn't need all that space to make a fairly simple to-do list and note a few dates and appointments. (I don't use a planner for work, just for personal stuff.) So I switched to their 2-page per week layout and found it too cramped to write on, especially on Wednesdays when the rings of the binder got in the way.

This year I switched to a Moleskine daybook/diary and I love it. There's a timeline on each page for noting appointments, but otherwise the pages are wide open for me to write to-do lists in or make notes as needed. I've started using it as a mini-journal.
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Response by poster: Ok well before I asked this I ordered a classic calfskin planner from Coach, it has a binder so I could put the Franklin Covey sheets in it if I wanted to. I had it shipped because no stores carried it and they assured me if I was unsatisified I could return it.

Anyway I was taking your advice of not getting and planning on returning as soon as I got it. The leather was ultra-nice and made me want to make love to it. Luckily I did not but as soon as I opened the binder with the little tabs, it broke! As in the metal binder physically bent with a little pressure. I am very unhappy and am definitely returning it and getting one of the suggested planners above.

Thank you all again, AskMefi is so valuable.
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