Notcot for Japan?
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I am in search of the paper flowers used in Lost in Translation. Also, what are your favorite rad Japanese culture-watch resources, shopping websites, etc?
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your favorite rad Japanese culture-watch resources

Pink Tentacle no doubt.

Joi Ito's blog is also quite nice.

As for shopping, there's J-List, plus (but they can't ship a lot of the good stuff like Hot Carpets, alas).

As for the flowers, dunno.
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I like Trends in Japan's daily posts.
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These are the Japan-culture-related blogs that I read:
C-Scout Japan
Ping Mag
Tokyo Art Beat
Tokyo Made
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I read TokyoMango and the aforementioned Ping Mag.
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Here's a handmade paper flower display that is similar.
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Post on Ping Mag from 2006 about sakura (cherry blossom) decorations, including some paper ones.

Maybe make your own, with help from etsy?
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I'm into this site that highlights street fashion. Lots of cool pics.
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